Wild at Heart.

Don't you think human being is often charmed by a little unmoral things ?
Motorcycle is not unmoral vehicle, but it might not be only a few people who want to become like a bad guy by riding the V-Twin .
I am often bored by a sobriety person . I think such the people are wonderful and will be required anywhere. Also I would like to take to them , but I can't feel that I want to go for a meal with such a person tonight .
For example , a mysterious person is more fun. I am often charmed by them when I noticed .
Also about motorcycles and cars, the style that looks like a bad guy is rather attractive than the just smart things . But I don't want the styles and too loud sounds at which people frown . You will get tired if you are going to make oneself look bad too hard .

“ Only a little bad “ “ The stylish badness “

We Motorstage are aiming at making products of concepts which are shown above.
These messages might be strange because of our poor language . But if my opinion and feeling were able to be understood by you even only a little, we are very happy!

The answer is
in riding off
and the sound.

MOTORSTAGE Brass Muffler started off with the development and production of the Cigar Muffler. During development, the Cigar Muffler was tested on a total of more than 10,000 km of riding before arriving at the finished product.
The final test was a midsummer trip from Tokyo to Osaka completed in 4.5 hours with a properly-tuned Harley at speeds up to 200 km/h.
MOTORSTAGE think that not only Dyno data but the data obtained by actual riding is the most important. with the “riding site” in mind.


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